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The candidate will focus his/her interests on crops and plant species that are typical to desert environments in general, and the UAE in particular. We are particularly interested in persons investigating important basic plant biological questions in the area of the study of traits for the improvement of stress tolerance in crop plants.
Candidates should be able to establish active and productive interdisciplinary research collaborations with colleagues within and outside of the University. In his/her “statement of research” each applicant should indicate how prior research experiences have provided a foundation on which a creative and productive research program can be based.

Tasks and Responsibilities are as the following:
  • Perform research aligned with the mission of the Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology -
  • Publish research in academic journals and at conferences;
  • Write proposals to obtain funding for future research projects;
  • Supervise and train Masters and PhD students;
  • Supervise postdoctoral researchers;
  • Engage with UAEU industry partners
  • Contribute to the development of the Center research strategies and themes
  • Be able to carry out independent research projects –Provide academic leadership to those working within relevant research areas.
–Develop successful links with external contacts such as other role in a relevant national professional body or recognized events.

Please apply on as well
Minimum Qualification
Ph.D. in Plant Biology and/or related disciplines, with postdoctoral experience and a demonstrated record of research accomplishments.

Preferred Qualification
Preference will be given to applicants with strong research programs, demonstrated by a number of high quality publications in the area of plant biology/integrative plant physiology in relation to development of plant response to environmental stress.

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