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Purchasing Assistant Job Vacancies at American University of Ras Al Khaimah in Ras al-Khaimah 2018

American University of Ras Al Khaimah hiring for positions of Purchasing Assistant placed in Ras al-Khaimah. This job vacancy is open from 4 Januari 2018 to the end of this month. Here is more information about the job requirements, qualifications and descriptions associated with Purchasing Assistant job opportunity 2018.

American University of Ras Al Khaimah Recruitment 2018

Purchasing Assistant American University of Ras Al Khaimah - Ras al-Khaimah

Purchasing Assistant
today Responsibilities & Accountabilities

I) Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting:

a) Follow up with the requestors for the forecast of purchase requests on monthly / regular basis without any purchase obligation till the purchase requests are approved by the management.

b) Co-ordinate with the stores for the forecast of stock items, ensure minimum stock is maintained and raise PIS if not.

c) Educate requestors about purchase process, follow up with requestor on the required specifications for purchase.

d) Schedule the purchase requests based on priorities, arrange quotations from suppliers and keep the backup plan in advance to cut down the Order execution time upon receiving approved PIS.

e) Prepare the budget based on the proposals raised for the upcoming months from several departments, budget for the events, ceremonies and functions, and discuss with the line mangers to understand the implications of budget on each budget code.

f) Present budget to the management for the projects if any through the line managers as and when required.

g) Monitor stock levels and place orders as needed, Coordinate with warehouse staff to ensure proper storage

2) Follow up & Execution of Order:

a) Follow up with the requestor for the required specifications / information if any, upon receiving approved PIS.

b) Identify suppliers if not done already, research for potential vendors with alternate products, and update requestor.

c) Obtain quotations, product details, pro-forma invoices from suppliers, negotiate price, warranty clauses, delivery lead time and contract terms.

d) Prepare comparisons based on the offers received from the different suppliers, provide justifications required if any, and submit to the line manager for approval.

e) Follow up with the line manager till the approval is received, and update the requestor about the approval date & expected shipping date from the supplier.

f) Cut down the time, prepare PO within same time, co-ordinate with the suppliers for the pro-forma invoice, PO acknowledgements, warranty, delivery of goods, and for supplier invoices and etc.,

g) Co-ordinate with stores & requestor, and arrange the delivery on time. Track orders and ensure timely delivery

h) Prepare necessary documents / follow up for necessary documents required to close the purchase requests.

i) Execute the orders with minimum time and keep all the parties informed about the Order status.

3) Follow up with Finance & Accounts:

a) Follow up with finance for approvals, cash advances, cheques, payments to suppliers.

b) Provide all the necessary documents required for settlement of accounts and update your records.

c) Maintain a record of your cash advances, cheques, re-imbursements, payment settlements.

d) Check with Finance & Accounts for statement of accounts related to your transactions, reconcile and settle them on regular basis.

4) Documentation, Supplier Data Base & Control:

a) Prepare all the necessary documentation required to execute the orders and assist the department manage to close PIS.

b) Comply to AURAK rules and regulations and prepare the documents required to move the transactions further.

c) Maintain the data base of orders, suppliers, warranty, products purchased for picking the supplier in case of emergency

d) Maintain proper filing system.

5) Full Control with UPS Request

a) Prepare all the necessary documentation required to execute the orders and assist the department manage to close PIS.

6) Reporting:

a) Maintain & updated records of purchased products, delivery information and invoices, settlements, pricing & etc.,

b) Prepare reports on purchases, including cost analyses from suppliers to negotiate turn over discounts.

c) Develop relations with the purchase sequesters, line managers, suppliers, service providers.

d) Review quality of purchased products, and maintain reports to block suppliers just in case.

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