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Registered Nurse Pediatric Job Vacancies at Oasis Hospital in Al-Ayn 2018

Oasis Hospital hiring for positions of Registered Nurse Pediatric placed in Al-Ayn. This job vacancy is open from 24 September 2017 to the end of this month. Here is more information about the job requirements, qualifications and descriptions associated with Registered Nurse Pediatric job opportunity 2018.

Oasis Hospital Recruitment 2018

Registered Nurse Pediatric Oasis Hospital - Al-Ayn

Position at Oasis Hospital

Education: BS Nursing OR Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery of min three and a half years duration OR Diploma in Nursing of minimum three years duration
Experience: minimum 2 years of work experience
License: Must be HAAD passer or HAAD Licensed or HAAD Exam exempted


The following tasks are the responsibility of the Staff Nurse (but not limited to):

  • Identifies, promotes and assists patients to understand major determinants of health
  • Educates patients on health risk factors
  • Teaches patients and families strategies to develop healthy living behavior
  • Identifies and implements health promotion strategies for early detection and screening for communicable diseases
  • Reduces the risk of disease transmission through applying standard (universal) infection control principles
  • Identifies, records and take appropriate action to reduce incidence of disease transmission
  • Uses the nursing process in the promotion of patient holistic health and wellbeing
  • Identifies environmental and behavioral factors which may compromise patient safety
  • Identifies and implements appropriate actions to reduce risk and harm
  • Intervenes and follows-up on incidents to reduce likelihood of reoccurrence
  • Assesses, plans and manages nursing interventions to optimize outcomes care for patients throughout the lifespan in various states of health and illness
  • Implements general nursing care and comfort measures
  • Provides care for patients with acute and chronic physical health conditions
  • Provides care for patients with acute, chronic and persistent mental health disorders
  • Provides care for the pregnant woman from conception to birth and for the normal newborn
  • Provides care for acute and chronic conditions of a child from birth to adolescence
  • Demonstrates evidence based practice in use of pharmacological agents in treatment
  • Demonstrates ability to accurately calculate drug doses for administration
  • Documents care and patient outcomes
  • Evaluates and manages nursing care, altering delivery and priorities according to patient needs and outcomes ensuring continuity of care
  • Provides nursing care that demonstrates respect for human rights
  • Recognizes the responsibility to work within professional standards and ethical codes of practice
  • Protects the patient from risks, harm, abuse or neglect within the boundaries of nursing care
  • Demonstrates knowledge of policies and procedures that guide practice
  • Recognizes and acts upon policies, procedures or orders that might put at risk a patient’s therapeutic outcomes or is not at best practice standards
  • Advocates sensitively for patients rights based on current legislation and ethical principles
  • Ensures confidentiality of patient information
  • Demonstrates a sensitivity to diversity in cultural and religious beliefs
  • Utilizes effective time management strategies to organize workload
  • Draws on evidence-based research to perform safe, effective and efficient nursing interventions whilst taking patient’s preferences into consideration
  • Establishes and maintains professional boundaries with patients and members of the health care team
  • Recognizes limitations in own professional knowledge and skills and takes appropriate action
  • Assumes accountability for delegation of nursing care
  • Initiates and/or participates in research that contributes to continual improvement in standards of care and extending the nursing professional body of knowledge
  • Identifies scientific advances and uses technology as appropriate to enhance patient care
  • Demonstrates a standard of personal health which ensures that patient care is not compromised
  • Demonstrates the ability to self-regulate through ongoing reflection and assessment of competency to practice
  • Establishes collaborative relationships with other members of the interdisciplinary team to optimize patient outcomes
  • Identifies, reports and documents health care practices that may compromise patient care, privacy or dignity and take appropriate remedial action
  • Demonstrates respect for variations in competence and professional knowledge between members of a multidisciplinary health care team
  • Provides and seeks constructive feedback in and between team members
  • Reflects upon and evaluates own nursing practice
  • Actively seeks new knowledge and information to ensure ongoing professional development and competency to practice
  • Participates in ongoing professional development activities
  • Seeks and acts upon constructive feedback from other health care professionals
  • Maintains record of all learning and professional development activities attended
  • Maintains current license to practice as an outcome of self-regulation
  • Collaborates and shares professional knowledge with others
  • Acts as preceptor and/or mentor to others new to the profession or less experienced
  • Participates in teaching and education programs when relevant
  • Contributes to nursing and health care policy
  • Represents the nursing profession on relevant committees and taskforces
  • Identifies opportunities and contribute to nursing research
  • Collaborates and shares new nursing knowledge and research findings
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